Wonderful Me Media is a diverse company that is dedicated to providing the very best in visual and audio content creation for both the small business and audiences. We consist of a Commercial/B2B division and production in entertainment directly interacting with audiences.

Our Commercial/B2B Division:

We work closely with entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses assisting in creating unique promotional and informative content through video production and photography. The need to compete through advertising is critical in our client’s market. We make high-quality marketing materials accessible to our clients.

Our Entertainment Division:

We create dynamic partnerships with creatives and budding influencers that stimulate the very best content quality, accessibility, and development of audience base. Our Audio includes a variety of podcasts and audio theatre/audio cinema. The Video consists of web series/mini-series, news, and entertainment. Lastly, Literature offerings will be available in eBook formats.

Salina Singleton, the Founder, has been engrossed in filming, editing since high school where she taped and edited high school football games. During the time she attended Fairleigh Dickinson University she was active in campus radio, where she was Assistant Music Director for 2 years. Taking her passion to the boardroom, Salina founded Wonderful Me Media in 2014 where she produced Personally Speaking Podcast, Who Got Next Web series in partnership with Philly Jamz 95.3 FM, as well as Latina X Positivity. Salina has done commercial work with countless small to medium sized restaurants, specialty shops, and service-based businesses in Southern New Jersey, Maryland, and Eastern Pennsylvania. Behind Salina is a network of photographers, videographers, producers, and editors.